Friday, January 23, 2015

Name Design

Most memorable experiences

                This is not the quitest class I have ever been in. This class is full of very full spirited people and we have had a lot of fun moments in this class. Through all the difficult, and stressful assignments ( the self portrait, and the charcoal still life) we have worked together as a group and had a lot of fun doing it. One of the most memorable moments was the past one where we embarked on a very, very, long journey of the cornerstone still life drawing. 

            This was one of the most stressful projects we have done this year. This project was long and took a lot of attention to detail and to values to get right. Everyday we would come in moaning and groaning about the work we had to do, but I was always a little excited about creating this piece (don't tell anyone).  People just couldn't seem to get the onion exactly on point or get the shading on the inside of the cup right or just didn't know where to do it all together(me). When it was all over we all celebrated being done with our pieces and complimented each other about their job on this or that. The other stressful piece was the self portrait painting that took a very long time to accomplish. It was very stressful and took a lot of teamwork to get through. There was a lot of asking for opinions and a lot of re-doing on noses and eyes. We were asked to give feedback on our classmates art work and I personally feel like that helped me a lot to get a pair of fresh eyes on my work. It  was a lot of fun and in the end, everyones piece was really good. 

Thinking about art

Taking this art class has changed my perspective on a lot of the art around me, my own art, and the art I created in this class. I have started to use the things I learned in class in my own art work, I use the different tools like shading and value to create more depth and detail in some of the things I draw at home in my free time. I have also, been seeing things like shading, cool and warm color schemes, and complimentary colors in art work I see around town or hanging on walls. I have a new understanding of different types of art and where they come from and how they are made. I have a new appreciation for are because I realize how much time and effort went into making that piece and how much emotion goes into a piece of art. I now can look at art with more experience than I had before.

Project That I Am Most Proud Of

Self Portrait.
I am most proud of this piece because of the time and effort I put into it. I feel like I tried my hardest to complete this piece to the best of my abilities and I feel as if it turned out pretty well. This was also my favorite piece to create because I liked using each step to build from the one before. I liked how we could trace the picture onto each piece of paper and then trying to match the seven colors of paint to the different light shades in the picture. The hardest part of the piece was matching where the most light hit and how light or dark it was compared to the rest of the face. Creating this piece had an impact on how I looked at a lot of different paintings and pictures, I now look at specifics like where the light hits and how dark the shadows are. This project really helped me understand value and detail which I now know is very important in creating pieces like this one. In the still life drawing we just finished, I was reminded again of how to use shading, value, and detailing to the piece and the self portrait really related well to that.

Graphic Design Using Color Schemes

    • Gain a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, cs6
    • Use Photoshop to create two different, interesting designs that demonstrate clear color schemes and organic & geometric shapes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Personal Space Box

My place is Boothbay Harbor ME. I had lived there for almost 11 years before I moved this past summer to Yarmouth. I could always wake up and see the ocean out my window and smell the salty breeze. I put myself standing in front of the ocean looking out over the rocks. My tangable objects include: a lobster, and a piece of foam that looks like seaweed. I will always remember the ocean and I picture it exactly like it is in my piece

The purpose of this project was to look closely at the work of Winslow Homer so that I could better understand who he is as an artist as well as learn how to describe, interpret, and evaluate works of art. In response to looking at Homer’s work, I created a relief sculpture that is inspired by his work and concepts.

Artists Studied: Winslow Homer

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still Life Drawing

  • To create a still-life drawing that demonstrates understanding of angles & ellipses in perspective, along with using a variety of mark-making techniques to describe form;
  • To understand value by creating a good range of values between black & white to help make the objects appear 3D;
  • To demonstrate quality craftsmanship and good composition skills in a drawing.

Artists Studied: during this assignment: Henry Moore, John Whalley, Giorgio Morandi & Vincent van Gogh.

I liked using the different varying of lines because you could make a more detail and the values would be darker using these techniques. My favorite artist to use Henry Moore’s technique in cross hatching because you could be a little more detailed and using this to do shadows was the best. I used a lot of artist techniques in my work, but I also used some of my own inventions to create the value.

I think I improved in my skills using value because when you see how other artists draw and you try and recreate it, you will always carry those skills with you. While doong the very first drawing of the rock, my values were not as dark. By doing it over and over again, I learned where the light hits things and how to use the brown paper as a middle value between and black and white charcoal. While drawing my final piece I used the skills of the other artists and I tried to create darker values.